More Pictures from Throughout the Week

As more team members are sharing their photos with each other, here are a few more highlights from the week.

Working on the flooring on Monday 
Greg and Kyle supervising Kelly 
Kyle watches Autumn, Becky, and Pete through the giant hole in the wall that Bob made 
At Michelle's house 
Pete putting the finishing touches on the roof 
Blue Bend recreation area 
Rope bridge at Blue Bend 
 Rooftop view of a water break Kyle gave Peter a tin foil hat so the CIA couldn't read his mind 
Elvis and Autumn working on the wall demolition 
More wall demolition 
Pete was our official team photographer 
The water at Blue Bend was a bit cold for Kyle and Elvis 
Blue Bend 
Singing in the evening 
Elvis communing with his cell phone

West Virginia Mission Trip, Day 6, August 11

Today was our last day to help the people we had been led to by God, and of course we awoke with the break of dawn anxiously to finish our mission.  After a quick breakfast and a group prayer we headed off to our two work sites.
We had originally thought in the planning stages in June that we would be helping victims of last year’s bad flooding in this area.  But it turned out that the need is so great in this area that there are many people not directly affected by the flooding that desperately need help.  On our way through the town of Rupert to get to Joni’s house we passed many run-down houses and businesses, with apparently nobody able or willing to fix them up.  Some may have been abandoned by their owners after the flooding, who did not have the resources to fix what had been damaged.  But one gas station at a street corner had a big hole in the roof, and trees growing inside the store.  I compare this to my community of southwest Butler County in Pennsylvania, where real est…

Pictures from Friday

Gary, our site supervisor, working with Donna to install cabinets 
Clark, the drywall sanding machine 
Shawn's making progress on the plumbing 
Finishing the walls at Joanie's  
Dave enjoying some personal time with his drywall mud
Bob's handiwork (with help from others): new roof line and wall 
Elvis at work 
Because of Bob, Michelle now has a door to open when company comes
A fully insulated and dry-walled room 
Peter checking for protruding screw heads 
Autumn and Becky during clean-up (Tiara in the background, and half of Gary) 
Bob takes care of finishing touches 
Elvis finalizing some roofline work 
Shawn inspecting his work on re-plumbing the house 
Check an earlier post to see the octopus that Shawn replaced 
New kitchen cabinets, paid for and installed by our team

Pictures from Thursday

Greg excavating for plumbing access 
Shawn working on the plumbing
Jean having a discussion with Gary, our site supervisor 
Clark mudding 
Clark's dream come true: meeting the West Virginia State Fair queen 
Joanie's house 
Jean and Dave re-taping drywall 
Greg on external plumbing duty 
Jean and Gary problem-solving 
You've got to keep your drywall tools clean! 
Making plans for Joanie's new kitchen cabinets 
Greg and the bathroom plumbing puzzle 
Drywallers Becky, Autumn, and Kyle